Bike Fitting

What is bike fitting?
Fitting a cyclist to their bike involves careful assessment of a cyclist, taking that information, and making adjustments to their bike for an optimized position.  

Why is bike fitting important?
Having proper position on the bike enables more comfort, improves efficiency, and prevents overuse injuries. Making on-bike adjustments to the three contact points; feet, hands and sit bones, can help riders of all levels.

What does a bike fit include?
Bike fitting is a dynamic process. It is often referred to as both an art and a science. The first visit is an initial assessment. Each visit is individualized and starts with some information gathering about the cyclist’s history. Next, a physiotherapy assessment will show any physical issues that may be affecting your posture on the bike (spine and limb alignment, leg length, posture and flexibility). To complete the visit, an individualized exercise program will be provided to address any issues found in your assessment to further progress your comfort and efficiency on the bike.You will not need to bring your bike in for the first visit.

During the second follow up visit, please bring your bike and cycling kit as if you were going out riding. Once your bike is placed on the trainer and your cycling biomechanics have been assessed, changes to your shoe/pedal interface, saddle position, handlebars and stem may be made. Specific changes to bike parts such as saddle, handlebar and stem may be recommended to be replaced.

Will my equipment be able to be accommodated during the visit?
When contacting Ernest regarding a bike fit, please specify the year, make and model of your bicycle. Additionally, please specify which cycling shoes and pedals you use.

What should I bring to the bike fitting?
1) Bicycle and shoes which are clean and in good working condition (i.e: tires pumped, bike free of excessive dirt and mud, bolts are not seized)
2) Tight fitting cycling clothing
3) Helmet if you are experiencing neck discomfort

Is bike fitting covered by my extended health coverage?
Bike fitting is within the scope of physiotherapy. A physiotherapist assisting with rehabbing a patient back to basketball after a sprained ankle, is not different than a physiotherapist helping fit a patient to a bike who is experiencing back pain.

Most extended health plans cover your physiotherapy services up to a “maximum amount per visit”. The first visit includes a physiotherapy assessment for your alignment, posture and flexibility. A home exercise program is prescribed to address any issues found in the assessment. The second visit includes an on bike assessment and fitting. However, we recommend you consult with your health plan for specific coverage.

Who will be fitting me to my bike?
Bike fitting is performed by Ernest Chao, who is a Physiotherapist and CyclePoint certified bicycle fitter. He is also an avid road cyclist.

Please contact to inquire or to schedule an appointment today.

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